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Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Edinburgh: Prince's Street Gardens

We are very pleased to welcome you all to Edinburgh. From ancient buildings to hundreds of restaurants, to night-clubs open to 3am, Edinburgh has it all. This promises to be a very exciting event with a very rich research and social programme. It will be a packed week and we hope you will enjoy it a lot.

Fausto, Leslie, Samy, Ann & Max

IJCAI-05 Programme

IJCAI-05 Final Programme

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IJCAI-05 Calendar

Technical programme
Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)
2 - 5 August 2005
Tutorials The University of Edinburgh 30 July - 31 July 2005
Workshops The University of Edinburgh 30 July - 1 August 2005
Technology Exchange and Exhibition EICC 2 - 5 August 2005
(See the venue map for location details)

IJCAI-05 Official Opening Ceremony and Reception

The Opening Ceremony will be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Monday 1 August at 1815 hours. Fausto Giunchiglia, IJCAI-05 Conference Chair, will chair the Opening Ceremony. The opening reception will take place at Edinburgh Castle from 1930 - 2130 hours.

The opening reception will include a full tour of Edinburgh Castle, including the Crown Jewels, the Ancient Arms Room and the Stone of Destiny. Guides will be available to explain the Castle's history.

IJCAI-05 Conference Banquet

Wednesday 3 August 2005
Royal Museum of Scotland
1930 - 2300
A fine Scottish Meal followed by a traditional ceilidh with Scottish country dancing.
Cost: £58.75 (£50 + £8.75 VAT) per person

>IJCAI-05 Social Events Programme

>Tours for Accompanying Guests

Please contact the local arrangements chair regarding IJCAI-05 sponsorship enquiries.

IJCAI-05 Technology Exchange and Exhibition

The IJCAI-05 Technology Exchange and Exhibition will be held Tuesday 2 August through Friday 5 August and will comprise of a host of displays designed to showcase current products, publications, research and applications in artificial intelligence. Admittance is open to all IJCAI-05 participants. More information about the Technology Exchange will appear on this site soon.

Business of AI

A new one day event will take place on Friday 5 August highlighting commercial ventures that exploit AI technologies. The day will comprise invited speakers who are building a business based on AI technology. Each will describe the technology they are using and the business they are building. This will provide a forum to get an overview of how AI is being used in business and the issues in building a business using AI. Participation is open to all conference participants.

Trading Agents Competition

On Tuesday 2 August, the 2005 Trading Agent Competition (TAC) will conduct its semi-final round in the Technology Exchange, with Finals taking place the day following. TAC-05 presents challenging market games in the domains of travel shopping and supply chain management. The exhibit will feature live games with running commentary, and posters and demonstrations from participating teams.

Visit the TAC site for full details.


Last updated: 07 September 2005

schedule | papers | posters | tutorials | workshops | exhibition | $1000 loan

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